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Do you want to be a part of an organization dedicated to meeting tomorrow's challenge in a fast growing and dynamic industry? Do you see yourself on the leading edge of architectural concrete technology, manufacturing and marketing? Bomanite India is actively looking for strategic manufacturing and installation partners throughout the world. For detailed information, please contact Bomanite India at


Bomanite Franchise Partners are backed with more than half a century's experience, installing every imaginable project in every climate zone. Bomanite Franchise Partners are always found on the leading edge of the decorative concrete industry through their affiliation with the worldwide network of licensed Bomanite contractors. There are key advantages to owning a Bomanite Franchise. These include access to Bomanite brand products, tools and proven systems, brand name association and recognition, peer support and assistance, support at the corporate level, national marketing and business development efforts, specification assistance, product research and development, and systems training. Bomanite strives for and has a proven track record for successful partnerships. Franchise Partners have been with us for 35 years. Bomanite is always looking for established, talented business people to become part of our dynamic network of Franchise Partners.


  • Access to Bomanite brand products, tools and systems. Bomanite products and tools are proprietary and sold exclusively to the licensed Bomanite Franchise Partner at manufacturer direct pricing. Bomanite Corporation promotes a systems approach. Substantial time and money is spent developing proven systems that when installed per specification using our approved materials and tools will yield consistent results. This system approach enables the Franchise Partner to control quality and promote consistency to the marketplace.
  • Brand name recognition and association. Belonging to the Bomanite network allows contractors to stand out by belonging to an organization known for its technical expertise and high standard of quality. At a time when the decorative concrete industry is booming, having a well-known and respected name like Bomanite attached to your business automatically brings recognition, credibility and an unbeatable reputation.
  • Peer support and assistance. Bomanite provides an ongoing communication network through our comprehensive Franchise Partner and BI websites, which keeps Franchise Partners across the country and the globe connected, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More importantly, however, is the one-on-one time the Franchise Partners have with one another when they attend technical and business development workshops through the Bomanite Network.
  • Marketing Department that takes care of national marketing and public relations efforts. Each Franchise Partner has access to the staff in this department, who is on hand to assist through human resources and marketing materials. It is Bomanite's goal to provide the tools for each Franchise Partner to develop a marketing plan to promote their business growth.
  • Corporate product research and development. This benefit provides franchise partners with products that are continually being evaluated and tested in order to make sure what we offer to our Franchise Partners are good enough to stand up under the Bomanite name.
  • Training provided through Bomanite. This program consists of numerous, comprehensive technical and business improvement workshops, which are scheduled throughout the year. Experts in the industry attend these trainings and provide valuable information to all franchise partners who attend these free events, but these experts aren't the only ones who have something to teach. Through these events, the Bomanite network shares information with one another and exchanges ideas. This team effort is what separates the Bomanite licensed contractor from other concrete installers in the industry.
  • Fully staffed National Specification Department. This department works diligently to secure national and regional specifications for the Bomanite systems, while working closely with the local Franchise Partner providing support in developing single projects and installations. An elaborate database is maintained for the benefit of target marketing and promotion.